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George C. Woodruff, III

What began as The George C. Woodruff Company over 100 years ago continues today as a third-generation, family-owned establishment filled with roots in our community history.

The company was founded in 1916 by George C. Woodruff, Sr where it ran successfully as a real estate and insurance company. The focus shifted in the 1950’s when George Woodruff Jr. Assumed the lead role. He took his passion for land development and turned it into over 50 neighborhood developments and over 10,000 home sites, creating housing opportunities for thousands in our area. Today his legacy lives on through his son, George C. Woodruff, III, and the team of people devoted to the successful growth of the area we all call HOME.

The Woodruff family fingerprints cover the Columbus region through the influence of subdivision development, single-family home building, a longtime multifamily developer, owner, and operator. The Woodruff name has been set apart by its “Big Picture” focus and substantiated by small-town values and good character.